Remote api monitoring of node statistics and status

  • adam lentz
  • Feb 24 2019
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  • FoRTu commented
    11 Mar 21:32
    Good Idea! The only way to monitoring the node is by /app/ or monitor the container itself using other methods. For example, I do it with Telegraf + InflushDB + Grafana. But I thing could be better to collect the staistics from inside the container like do. How? First step, RTFM.
  • Robin Slot commented
    24 Mar 17:28
    This + a telegraf plugin (or built-in influxdb logging!) would be great
  • Robin Slot commented
    02 Apr 21:00
    Logging disk usage by storj to influxdb:
  • Admin
    Brandon Iglesias commented
    03 Apr 17:06

    This is a great idea, we have something on our road map called the SNOboard which is a step in this direction, please take a look at the explanation I added to