Browse Node Stats from previous periods

Would be nice to have not just the current period but also the ability to browse through previous ones. Along with the idea... some design considerations/suggestions.


1) Consider the data local stored (responsibility of the storage node user).

2) Consider the data stored elsewhere (if the node is destroyed, the data can still be recovered). This can be done via an alternate path (configured under config.yaml), NFS share, etc.

3) Ability to restore/backup the above to a specific node.

4) Progress/compare mode (add comparison details against the last period).



  • José Higino
  • Dec 1 2019
  • Planned
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  • Paktas commented
    4 Apr 03:04pm

    So the month just turned to April 2020 and there's no way for me to know the stats and data for March... How do I know my earnings are correct when YOU calculate them for previous month? Doesn't seem transparent at all for a host.

    When is the "Planned" becoming a "Done"? It can't be that hard to make it happen within 4 months.

  • José Higino commented
    3 Dec, 2019 11:35pm

    Yes. Thanks Pierre and Brandon.


    @Pierre, I would see my raised points more like something to include in the node definition. And then provide any information via API to the idea you have raised at . But that's my view of things, the development team might feel it should be done differently. Hence the idea here is to provide more flexibility to view the data stats that get recorded.

  • Pierre-Antoine Charrier commented
    3 Dec, 2019 10:52pm

    Thx Brandon :)

  • Admin
    Brandon Iglesias commented
    3 Dec, 2019 10:13pm

    Hey José, This is a good idea, I am going to convert it to a feature so that we can get it in our development pipeline.

    Pierre-Antonie I related this idea to

  • Pierre-Antoine Charrier commented
    3 Dec, 2019 07:43am

    @José Higino: I do agree with the idea of having stats history.


    With regards to the other raised points, I think that it should be part of a global dashboard project, grouping all nodes that we own, with stats and all.


    Maybe you should add your ideas to the related idea here: ?