Integrating Fortmatic as an onboarding alternative to MetaMask.

Hi there, 


We would love to see Storj integrating Fortmatic so new and current users will be able to sign in and join Storj in a frictionless way, on all major browsers on both desktop and mobile. 


Briefly put, we have created a frictionless bridge with a nice UX for Ethereum based dapps and platforms to make it as easy as possible for new users to use decentralised apps, protocols and platforms.


It works without extensions or downloads and can work alongside any other onboarding tool, and can be implemented via an easy SDK.


The cool thing is that we don’t need the visibility. You can use us as a native looking login option next to other wallets like Metamask, just like Set Protocol did via when you click on 'sign in' and then 'use phone’, making us the default onboarding option. Some of our recent advancements include signing in with either e-mail or phonenumber, a fiat to crypto onramp and fully non custodial security architecture with a recovery mode. 


Integration takes on average 30-45 minutes and the dev docs can be found here:


Farid Rached 

Head of Business Development | Fortmatic

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  • Dec 2 2019
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