Made the disqualification temporarily

There are situations when a node with one sattelite is disqualified. It continues to work with other sattelites. I have this problem. Why not make the disqualification temporary, so that in a month or 2 you can recover with an impeccable reputation. Send only audits, if everything is good - restore. It doesn't make sense to create a new node and start all over again if the disqualifications are permanent, because they will continue. But for honest and efficient nodes to make a chance to resume work. If the light is suddenly turned off and data is lost, then pay the operator for it? I personally did not know that you need to disable the write cache on the disk and paid for this eternal disqualification. Why such strict requirements? It is not always possible to perform them flawlessly. Yes, even the list of necessary actions before starting the node is not written anywhere, but for this they are disqualified. Maybe you should give a small chance to resume working with sattelite, if it happened only once?

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  • Dmitrii Sergeev
  • Jan 15 2020
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  • Pierre-Antoine Charrier commented
    15 Jan 22:39

    More globally I think that nodes should be fully automated. Disqualification shouldn't be a thing unless it's evident that the node operator is trying to cheat. But I don't want my node to be disqualified because of a power outage during my 2 week hollydays for instance.

    It would make sense to reactivate some escrow mechanisms if this were to happen, or to earn way less money while the network is rebuilding the data that became unavailable. But really, disqualification should happen in last resort, if the node is clearly bad, cheating, or has been away for months maybe (but even in this case, if it were to get back online eventually, it could simply start back with 0 data and reputation).