Add extra "quality of service" stats

I am not sure if the bellow metrics are already available in the Linux version (I have only used the Windows version for now), but I think it would help a lot the node operators to understand if the nodes are healthy or not for a particular reason.


These are:

- Average request size (it can also have max/min but this is a suggestion).

- Response time per request (along with time to service the full request, etc, just to give the operator some idea of how bad/good the node is able to service the network).

- Number of requests being processed (real-time or near)

- Number of requests  per day (add to a graph if possible)


These are just examples to help a node operator understand if the node is operating in a healthy way. Would also be interesting considerations to add to a node reputation if not already there.



  • José Higino
  • Jan 17 2020
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