Phone memory backup solution app

While corporate customers are "big fish", it is worth while to look into individual customers and their problems. 


One of them is cloud storage app for smart phones. This days many phones coming with high-resolution cameras and image size is growing everyday. Phone storage space quickly runs out and you have to:

  1. download data to your PC hoping that it will survive there
  2. buy bigger sd card if your phone supports that
  3. but cloud space from your phone provider, but why not from Storj netork?


Apart from phone of course it would be good to have a backup solution for PC or laptops...

  • Dmitry Bragin
  • Jan 30 2020
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  • Filip Kolompar commented
    01 Feb 15:11

    To develop this function, I think that first Storj Labs would have to create a node distribution in terms of performance.
    The point is that the PC backup that will be stored for a long time and the user will probably need access only when his equipment fails can be stored on nodes with lower CPU and link performance.

    On the other hand, frequently used files should be stored on high-speed nodes that can transfer them instantly