More functionality in the Node Status indicator

So, currently the Node Status indicator in the Dashboard has to modes: Online or Offline. That indicates if the node is even connected to the system.


It would be great if there was a third, "yellow", status, which would indicate that you're connected, but something is wrong. For example, recently my HDD unmounted itself (long story with a cat involved) from my node. In the dashboard I only see that there's no traffic for the whole day and that the Node is online. I asked a friend who is also an SNO but with more experience and he told me he hadn't received any traffic either. In the logs it clearly indicated that nothing was sent or received due to disk IO error. Because the disk wasn't there at all.


The proposed status would help differentiate between a hardware error or just a slow day I think. 

  • Andrey Poliy
  • Feb 6 2020
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