Option to limit throughput

  • Robin Slot
  • Apr 1 2019
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  • Hayato Kawajiri commented
    18 Feb 04:10am

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    Not too far into the city they found a club called "Ambrosia's," which turned out to be a smoky little jazz club that provided not only fruit but an assortment of juices to enjoy. There was an actual jazz combo on the little stage, and there were cozy dimly lit booths, a bar, stand-alone tables with little candles, and a dance floor where a few couples were slowly swaying to the music. The smokiness was the oddest part, for there seemed to be no one smoking, and nothing cooking. Second to that was the fact that the three musicians (bass, piano, and drums) were completely clothed. The patrons were all mostly naked, though one woman had stiletto heels and very sexy fishnet stockings. A pair of waitresses with very short skirts and breasts pushed up nicely by tops that were much too small for their job moved about serving drinks and fruit to their guests.

  • Ryan Garner commented
    12 Jul, 2019 02:47pm
    I just dont want storj to max out my upload or download so the network is otherwise usable.
  • Robin Slot commented
    1 Apr, 2019 05:19pm
    An option to limit throughput. Separate options for upload and download, for people with asymmetric internet connections