Warning Notice and Automatic Read Only Node

So I had an issue with my Harddisk and it started to remount the disk as read only. I tried to fix it but it seems the the disk now lost data or the databases on the FS got corrupted.

Anyhow the idea is to announce the change to ReadOnly in the WebDashboard for the storagenode so that one SNO might clone it in advance and safe the data and his status for the one node in advance or alternatively even define/announce the Node on the network - as in losing the possibility to write(read only) and than automatically transfer it into the "Gracefull Exit" process because than the data from the Network point of view are announce to be maybe at issue to be lost and could be restored (floating replication count) in advance ... and from the SNO point of view one does not loose all the coins withheld from him for something he has no power over.


So to recap, there are some Points in here:

* Get visibility for the SNO if the Node and the Drive are fine within one Dashboard (from point of view the storjnode has)

* Receive an in advance announcement to the StorjNetwork that an Node/Disk is dying (the Satellite can than Redistribute the data to other nodes and is not "surprised" and has to fix it by means of repairs, so to speak after it already happened and you need to be a firefighter)

* Have not the SNO "pay" for possible harddrive issues (as your recommended way is one node per disk this scenario will happen). Also this is nothing the SNO has power over and cant really change anything about it other than have a raid which is not recommended way by you since this issue is/should be covered by your replication and fault-tolerance.


Unsure if this was already mentioned in another idea, but some posts which might be related to this:

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  • Feb 21 2020
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