Password protected dashboard

  • Ryan Lewis
  • Mar 7 2020
  • Will not implement
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  • Noah Rufus commented
    14 May 09:11am

    Simple dashboard protected by Tableau password. The dashboard accepts the user ID and password of the user and displays the data only after verifying the identity of the user. assignment help UK implementation involves a very basic mechanism because the main goal of the work is to teach how to activate a user ID and password protection for the dashboard.

  • chris gilligan commented
    25 Apr 09:38pm

    the dashboard shows peoples ether addresses and allows people to see see everything they have in that addess. I would argue that is sensitive info even if you can't change it

  • Admin
    Brandon Iglesias commented
    20 Mar 01:53pm

    Thank you so much for submitting this idea; We will consider implementing this once we have made thew SNO dashboard accessible from outside your local environment. For now we do not think it is necessary since you are unable to change any of a nodes config values via the dashboard as well as not being able to access it outside your local environment.

  • Robin Slot commented
    7 Mar 12:35pm

    If you want to make it secure, put it behind a reverse proxy for HTTPS and add basic authentication