Bans should never be permanent and confirmed by other satellites.

Noone will update his node if he can be disqualified for downtime doing this!

Disqualifying is dumb for people with a static IP like me. I'm disqualified because I was trying to install this for the first time on Linux. Now I will never be able to participate in the network again. I can not change my IP.

Only saltlake did this. I'm still green on the others but get no traffic anymore.

Satelites should have levels of banning/kicking like:

  • two reboots in 1 hour -> mail " you are about to be kicked "

  • overall 24 hours downtime > 1 hour -> 24h ban

  • over 24 hours -> total ban for 3 days confirmed by health checks of all other satellites. Must manually connect back to satellits with the dashboard. email " solve your installation problems "

  • Michael Testman
  • Apr 22 2020
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