Adding Support For python 3.5 and above and IoT

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  • Feb 12 2019
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    Brandon Iglesias commented
    3 Apr, 2019 05:04pm

    Hey  pandeyraj467, Thank you for submitting your idea, can you help me understand what you are looking for out of this idea? We are currently working on a go library for our clients to add to their projects in order to store things on the network. We plan on creating language bindings for the library once it is completed. 

    Our network is not optimized to store a lot of small files like you would typically see in an IoT use case. files smaller than 4 kb are actually stored directly on a satellite and thus not actually stored in a distributed/ decentralized way.

    We talk about this in the white paper section 4.1.2

    "Inline Segments" An inline segment is a segment that is small enough where the data it represents takes less space than the corresponding data a remote segment will need to keep track of which nodes had the data. In these cases, the data is stored “inline” instead of being stored on nodes." 


    "Remote Segment" A remote segment is a segment that will be erasure encoded and distributed across the network. A remote segment is larger than the metadata required to keep track of its bookkeeping, which includes information such as the IDs of the nodes that the data is stored on.