Move storage data with inbuilt tool

Currently, the only option to move from one drive to another is stopping the node, using "rsync" or SMB protocol to copy files over and then reactivate the node on the other end. This process takes too much time, often longer than the allowed downtime resulting in disqualification, so SNOs cannot move their node e.g. from one server provider to another without losing the held-back payout.

We need an inbuilt tool that allows to easily copy storage data from one drive to another, then stop the node on one end, resync any changes quickly and automatically and restart the node on the other end without relying on third-party tools that may damage data and result in the disqualification of the node. "rsync" for checking files did not work quicker for me than actually copying data. So far, I'm not aware of a proper tool out there for Linux to do the job while this feature is (hopefully) being worked on.

  • Moritz Dietrich
  • Sep 27 2019
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