Make the dashboard responsive

The dashboard is almost impossible to use in a mobile phone.

It should be responsive.

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  • Oct 16 2019
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    Brandon Iglesias commented
    December 03, 2019 22:16

    Hey Renatoineeve, thanks for brining this up; I will promote this to a feature so that we can get it into our development pipeline.

  • Pierre-Antoine Charrier commented
    15 Jan 22:45

    Also, it should make sur that css and js files get refreshed when a new version comes out. I see many people on the forum telling us to use ctrl+f5 to force refreshing evrething when the the dashboard looks funny because it updated, but that's way more cumbersome to do on mobile phones. Please ensure that everything gets updated when the node dashboard changes.


    Using hash names or timestamp based names for js and css files could be way to deal with this issue.